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Virus gives birth to Amicable Barter Community in Negros Occidental

In Negros Occidental barter trade is making a comeback as COVID-19 pandemic affects millions of people's live in terms of mobility and tightening credit.

      Source: SunStar Bacolod News / Facebook

The bartering dates back to the olden times as the first coins accepted as the form of payment has been brought back to life in an innovative way through social media. 

While Negros Occidental were still under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and general community quarantine (GCQ), Bacolod Barter Community Facebook group has been created for trading in exchanged for anything as long as two people agreed.

The Facebook group has over 163K members as of this posting which seems not only a good source for used items but also a good heart.

One of the many story that went viral online was an old woman who received a new electric fan when she was trying to barter their old fan in exchanged for rice. According to Sun Star news, Dr. Jessica Atas, 28, responded to Nanay Aurora's daughter's post at the Bacolod Barter Community Facebook page. Her daughter is offering their used electric fan in exchange for rice.

                        Source: SunStar Bacolod News / Facebook
Though lots of kind people have responded positively and gave Nanay Aurora a rice, Dr. Atas offered her a brand new electric fan and agreed with Nanay Aurora in exchange of kamias (locally known as 'iba'). The kind doctor received 50 pieces of kamias after there meetup.

In deed "bayanihan" spirit and kindness are alive in this trying times in Bacolod.

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