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Woman strips off underwear and puts over her face after a shop refused to serve her without a mask

Wearing of face mask is now part of the new normal in our life whether we like it or not. Most places in the world imposed a strict rules on wearing face mask especially in public places.

Recently, a footage taken from a Ukranian shop went viral after an awkward moment captured on camera showing a woman taking her underwear off and then wear it as a face mask to comply with the shop's policy. According to a report, the woman who came to the post office to pick up an item wasn't wearing a mask, the worker refused to entertain her.

Instead of turning back to look for a mask, the woman immediately did the most strange way without hesitation - she quickly pull out her trousers, followed by her underwear, right in front of the workers.

She then once again asked the teller for assistance, as if nothing had happened and she was allowed to proceed for her transaction.

Nova Poshta post office in Ukraine confirmed the incident and said it had no problem with the behavior of the client. 

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