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Wuhan to test all citizens after new coronavirus cases emerge

Wuhan China are taking urgent measures to avoid a damaging second wave of coronavirus, has decided to test all of its citizens after a new cluster of cases emerged since lockdown was lifted in April.

The virus, which originated in China's Hubei province in Wuhan last year, which spread to the rest of the world has recorded first new case on Sunday. 

While the coronavirus dies down in some parts of the world, CTV News reported new cases as "China's National Health Commission confirmed the first double-digit increase in countrywide cases in nearly 10 days, saying 14 new infections had been confirmed."

Over the weekend, six new cases were reported in the original epicenter of the new coronavirus which was confirmed earlier this month in the same residential compound, the Kyodo News reported.

The COVID-19 has reportedly infected about 83,000 people in mainland China and killed more than 4,600.

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