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Fabunan anti viral drug most likely to launch clinical trials in Indonesia

The Fabunan anti viral drug is a step closer to a clinical trials that most likely will happen in Indonesia, according to the Fabunan Anti-Viral injection Facebook page.

Despite of the Philippine Health Department warnings over the anti-viral drug developed by a Filipino doctor claiming that it can cure or protect people against the coronavirus, now the the Fabunan team was overwhelmed to the result of the conference.

"FAI supporters stop na ako sa live update focus na kasi kmi sa activities. To eliminate the benefit of the doubt ito ang proof that may invitation na legal from her office at siya ang Naka pirma dyan. Para safe ang lahat no live videos and updates na muna keep praying lang all we will succeed dito namin paabruban ang FAI kasi tumutulong sila eh mga Doctors dito daily meron silang tinatawag na EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION (EUA) ibang Klase mga kababayan the best! Love Indonesia," the Facebook post read.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a cease-and-desist order against the use of the Fabunan anti-viral injection, amid reports that more people were getting the medication, said Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire.

Ruben Fabunan, a physician now based in the US, developed the anti-viral drug together with three brothers, who are all doctors. They have a family clinic in Zambales, where the injection is available to their patients.

Since the COVID-19 outbreaks, some social media posts have claimed that the anti-viral drug is the answer to the global health crisis.

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