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Mukbang: Filipino man eat live cockroaches went viral

With no prior experience, this crazy Filipino was filming himself while eating live cockroaches. The man appears to pluck cockroaches collected on a jar before eating the creatures - but expressed strong distaste to what he was eating.

The vomit-inducing video that was shared on Facebook with a caption cockroach mukbang has earned over three million views as of this posting. The unnamed man crunches the creepy crawlies in his mouth and swallow them.

Bizarre footage shows man swallowing live cockroach. Credit: Facebook.

However, it's unclear whether those cockroaches are edible and healthy to eat. While many suggest that cockroaches are high in protein levels, still it must be cooked properly to kill the bacteria present on its body.

We probably consider eating insects as disgusting, but several cultures in Asian country has includes cockroaches and other insects in their diet. 

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