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Security guard arrested for holding female doctor at East Ave. Medical Center

An injured security guard was arrested for holding female doctor at East Avenue Medical Center on Wednesday morning.

According to reports, Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has identified the suspect as Hilarion Achondo, 51.

Initial reports showed, Achondo was being brought to the emergency room after sustaining injuries from a motorcycle accident when he was quick to take a syringe pointing to Dr. Russell Carandang, who was a doctor at that time attending several patients. 

A commotion started when the suspect allegedly tried to stab the syringe on the doctor's neck. 

Staff Sergeant Bienvenido Ribaya III step forward and introduced himself as a police officer and tried to keep the suspect to calm down. 

With a short negotiations, the officer successfully defused the tensions and  convinced Achondo to release the doctor without any further demand.  

Achondo later released Carandang and threw off the syringe he was holding but he will face charges.

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