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World's oldest woman in the world celebrates 134th birthday

Almihan Seyiti, who lives in the county of Shule, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in north-western China is said to be the oldest woman alive, after she celebrated her 134th birthday in June 25. 

She claimed that she was born in 1886 during the reign of emperor Guangxu - officials have prepared a banguet party for her.

Local media reports, Almihan enjoys singing and playing musical instrument in her three centuries life span. She got married at 17 and a widow for 44 years, although she has difficulty in walking but still she was able to see and hear.

Subsequently, she was able to survived two world wars, Spanish flu and other uncertainty that happened in the world. Almihan became China's oldest citizen in 2013 when she reached 127 years old.

She has an identity card listing her date of birth as June 25, 1886 but her claim have come under some scrutiny and doubts due to unverifiable birth records.

Guinness World Records said it had not been invited to verify Seyiti's records.

If the claimed is true, she could be 27 years older than the Guiness's oldest living person, Japan's Kane Tanaka, who turned 117 in January.

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