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Team Kramer shares shocking Php79K electricity bill!

Team Kramer shared a shocking electricity bill with a whopping Php79,000 in just a month, until they invested in green technology. 

“I was in the kitchen and then I opened the Meralco bill really, really slowly. And then, lo and behold, PhP 79,000. I’m like, I think this was wrong. I think we made the house too big,” Doug recalled.

According to him, it was the first highest electric bill he encountered that made him 'sit down and have cold sweat,' he explained.

With a house of a total lot of 550 square meters with complete amenities like home theater, swimming pool, elevator and a homeschooling classroom with air conditioning facilities it's no doubt that it will consume huge energy. However, Team Kramer's house is well engineered to make sure that they will match the power consumption every month.

The house was recently built with solar panels, air conditioning units, refrigerators were fitted with inverters and they are using LED lights for lesser energy consumption. 

“So, I knew I needed to invest in something that would save me from my Meralco bills and what better way to do that than solar panels. Here’s a fun fact, ever since we installed our panel, we save PhP 30,000 on average every month,” he explained.

Thanks to the solar panels for lowering down their monthly energy consumption.

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