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This $300 Oura smart ring may track down coronavirus 3 days in advance before symptoms start to show

Oura ring is not just any ordinary ring that you have ever seen before. Created by health technology company Oura Health, it is equipped with advanced technology sensors that could monitor the wearer's health status through a smartphone app, according to its website.

"Wake up to Readiness, Sleep, and Activity insights built for you, and dive deeper into Oura’s in-app guidance to optimize your daily routines," the website read.

The ring was originally intended to provide users an overall status of their health such as movement, sleep, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and many other functions. 

The overall health score could be an early warning signs for illness.

It was also reported that it can detect a possible COVID-19 infection 3 days before the symptoms start to show, with 90% accuracy.

Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Health, told CNBC's"Squawk Box" interview that “One user of ours in Finland was traveling in early March. His scores were normally in the 80s or 90s and he noticed his readiness score dropped to 50 and that caused him to get tested. He was positive for coronavirus.”

Another benefit from the ring: The sleep tracking feature. Oura tracks signals the body sends out during rest and provides insights on how to improve sleep habits.

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