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Man crashes his P35M worth Aston Martin to save a stray dog

Only few people as we know has the courage to destroy his super car in the expense of animal's life.

A man in Delhi, who own a car like Aston Martin would wreck his Rs.3 crore car for the sake of saving a stray dog is some really interesting story that we do not hear everyday.  

Ashish Sabharwal, the owner of the car met with an accident in an attempt to save the stray dog coming in between his car. Ashish, collided his car with a tree near the Italian Embassy in Chanakyapuri. Luckily, he escaped unhurt and no police complaint was registered following this incidence.

The owner said that he was heading towards Chanakyapuri when he saw the dog crossing the road. He tried to avoid hitting it, the vehicle swerved left, rode onto a footpath and hit the tree. The air bags opened up and saved him from the crash.

The incident was validated by few eye witnesses who told cops that the driver appeared to have lost control of the car while trying to save the dog.

The heavily damaged Aston Martin Vantage comes equipped with a 4.7-litre V8 engine which clocks a top-speed of 300kmph.

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