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Piolo Pascual trends online after Paolo Duterte proposes NAIA to be renamed Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas 'PAPAPI'

While presidential son Paolo Duterte together with other law makers are moving to rename NAIA from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas. This kapamilya actor's name Piolo Pascual suddenly popped up into the radar, netizens have been calling the proposed name as 'PAPAPI' with a photo of the actor.

Duterte, along with colleagues Lord Allan Jay Velasco and Eric Yap, the House Bill No. 7013 has been filed yesterday, which seeks to change NAIA's name to Paliparang Pandaigdigan ng Pilipinas. 

Right after it has been filed, "NAIA" and "Paolo Duterte" became the top trending topics and a meme of Piolo Pascual in a pilot attire, holding the Philippine flag went viral online.
Piolo, has been known for many in showbiz as "PAPA P" and netizens was trying to joke the proposed bill. 

"Mabuhay! "Welcome to PAPAPI, Paliparang Pandaigdigan ng Pilipinas!"


Duterte, Velasco and Yap on Thursday explained why they proposed the renaming,  “We need a more representative branding for the international gateway of our country, thus our proposal renaming NAIA to the Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas."  

"Aside from it bearing our country's name, it is in our national language. We want it to reflect the legacy of the Filipino people, our everyday heroes. The name bears no color, no political agenda. It only signifies our warmth as Filipinos in welcoming our own kababayans and foreign visitors," representative of Davao’s 1st District Duterte added.

“We want for the name of our country to be the first thing welcoming the return to our countrymen as well as tourists from abroad when their planes land. We want to make them feel like they are home. There are many personalities who also deserve their name, institution, and so on. But when it comes to our airport, it should reflect the country and the Filipino people," Yap said.

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