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CCTV footage captures Sulu shooting incident of four Philippine army

The CCTV footage has emerged online following the deaths of four soldiers in Sulu was investigated by the NBI. In the video, it shows that after the incident, a man wearing a cap responding at the crime scene moved the head of one of the slain soldier. 

According to Unang Balita on Thursday said the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is already looking into the CCTV footage of the incident where policeman shot the four intelligence soldiers to death of the army. 

The unidentified man with a cap was seen moving the body of the slain soldier and reaching something to his companion. Then he was also seen opening the SUV of the slained soldiers and putting something inside the vehicle. Then, he was seen moving one of the bodies on the ground again.

The fatalities are: Captain Irwin Managuelod,  Major Marvin Indammog, Sergeant Jaime Velasco Jr. and Corporal Abdal Asula.  

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