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Japan rollercoaster riders told to keep silent and 'scream inside your heart'

Can you imagine yourself going to amusement park to enjoy for your favorite rides but your forced not to scream?

Due to the current health pandemic, Japan has introduced a new set of guidelines to ensure safety of its visitors as the country reopens parks for thrill seekers, but you're reminded not to scream to avoid the spread of the virus.

The guidelines also includes wearing of masks all the time, and refrain from high-fiving their favourite superhero. Some of these suggestions will likely take the visitor by surprise, as riding some of the wild roller coaster rides without shouting, can prove to be a tough task for them.

The theme park even demonstrated how to ride in a roller coaster without making any noise from a riders. 

A bizarre footage featuring two man with their mask joylessly riding in silence, ending with a message  "please scream inside your heart". 

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