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Jealous family pet labrador mauls newborn twins to death

A horror incident happened to the newborn twin sisters in Brazil being mauled to death by family dog. It happened shortly after the mother left them to have a chat with a neighbor, Daily Mail reports. 

This "jealous" labrador mixed with American Foxhound breed took the chance and attacked the 26-day-old premature babies at their home in Piripa in the northern state of Bahai, Brazil, last Tuesday.

Photo credit: DailyMail

Elaine Novias, the mother, was rushed back inside their home after hearing her girls are crying. But it was too late the time she reached them for rescue. It was a heartbreaking incident because the couple had waited 9-years before they have there girls.

The twin, Anne and Analu has died on June 23, the day they were both scheduled to be born by caesarean, but arrived a month early.  

According to reports, the dog has been part of the family for five years - but believed to have been jealous after losing affection from his owners.

"That could have caused some kind of jealousy and led the dog to attack the children," the family member said. 

A nurse who lived nearby has tried to save the children by giving first aid, but one of them died instantly while the other twin died at Maria Pedreira Barbosa Municipal Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Looking at the tragic incident, the mother was reportedly collapsed which needs her to be brought to the nearest hospital. Maria de Jesus, a neighbor, said: "This has devastated the parents. I pray that they don’t fall into a depression but it will be difficult because the children were beautiful, really loved, and desperately wanted," reports quoted on FocusOn News by The Sun.

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