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Visitors entering to Cambodia need to pay PHP150,000 entrance fee, including funeral costs

Welcome to Cambodia!

With the threat of pandemic has continued to spread all over the world, Cambodia has new rule implemented for travelers entering their territory. Visitor is required now to pay USD3,000 deposit by cash or credit card for "Covid-19 service charges" upon arrival at the airport. 

This will cover the COVID-19 quarantine and treatment fees, including test kits, hospital confinement, and even funeral costs, during your visit. The announcement has been posted on Camodia Embassy website, showing the breakdown of fee on June 11, 2020.

Upon arrival at the airport and while waiting for the mandatory COVID-19 test result, travelers has to pay USD165 (PHP8,205) inclusive of hotels, test kits, transport service, and food for three meals.

According to Ministry of Health, the test result usually takes 24 hours  to process. But, even if your free from COVID-19 and either one of the passengers on the same flight is tested positive, you will be required to stay for 14 days self quarantine in their designated hotel or center which will cost you USD1,086 (PHP54,000), with additional fees for doctors' consultation, security, and laundry services. 

If a traveler tested positive for COVID-19 and requires treatment will be confined at public hospitals for a rate of USD330 (PHP16,410) per day, inclusive of hospital accommodation (USD30/day) and (USD150 / day) for hospital treatment and medicine.

However, if you wish to receive a COVID-19 health certificate, you need to pay USD130.

Although Cambodia has zero reported COVID-19 casualty, the ministry noted that cremation costs USD1,500 (PHP75,000).

Those expenses incurred during your visit will be deducted from the USD3,000 you deposited. But if your lucky and tested negative for COVID-19, the remaining amount will reimbursed to you immediately.

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