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Joseph Marco tenderly kisses Russian girlfriend on Instagram

So, Joseph Marco has a new Russian girlfriend. Marco publicly flaunted his romance with his Russian model girlfriend when he took to his Instagram account and shared several photographed showing him and Dasha Romanova.

Photo Credit: Joseph Marco / Instagram

One of the couple's intimate moment was a picture inside a car while passionately kissed one other. Other photos showed the twosome dining together while holding each others hand and in an overlooking view of a cityscape as Marco wrapped his arms around her.

Marco expressed his gratitude on a captioned he wrote on his Instagram post, revealing that he had already found his 'missing piece'.   

Photo Credit: Joseph Marco / Instagram

"At times I would find myself crying with happiness. The moment you walked into my life I found a side of me I never knew I had.

"A side that would sacrifice everything for your happiness. I’ve never felt so safe and secured like this," He said. 

Photo Credit: Joseph Marco / Instagram

"Now I know that you’re the missing piece I’ve been trying to find. You bring so much joy and love to my life. I always look forward to being home to you and spending time with you." 

Photo Credit: Joseph Marco / Instagram

"You have the sweetest and most loving heart. Thank you for loving me and accepting my love in return. I love you today and for all my tomorrows," Marco wrote in a caption. 

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