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Racist white man knocked out in a single punch from black passenger

 Shocking video that emerged online went viral after a white man spewing racist remarks to a passenger received a powerful single punch causing him to fall down unconscious.

Twitter user @Panoparker posted a video of the incident happened in London Tube.

It shows that a man who has a shaved head and wearing a blue T-shirt and biege shorts is filmed yelling to a group of three black passengers. 

"This is my home, you are all going back," he said.

As the train stopped into a next station, the three men walk passing through the white man direction as they about to exit but one men turns around and give him a punch.

The white man falls backward directly to the floor, luckily his head missed to hit the metal wall and pole.

The video ended up with other commuters in cheers, while one can be heard saying, "Good on you, well done".   

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