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Ruffa Gutierrez's hilarious reaction after her daughter twerks for TikTok dance challenge

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez's daughter Lorin has set to embarrass her mom in front of the camera when she started to twerk to the WAP song by Cardi B. Shocked mom who was seated on the chair hilariously slapped immediately Lorin's butt for dancing that way.

The video ended up with a good laugh as Lorin stopped with her twerking moves. 

On the next video posted on Instagram, Ruffa just took her cool mom status to the next level.


This time, she's joining with her two daughters Lorin and Venice dancing to the same music in the first video. The sweet mother-daughter dance-off again ended up Ruffa looking at her two daughters twerking moves while in a good laugh. 

But she can be seen observing and trying to understand all the sexy dance moves her daughters are doing.  

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