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South Korean YouTuber sets private parts on fire while on YouTube livestream, gets second degree burns

This South Korean YouTuber has set his private parts on fire during a gaming livestream has left people shocked after a surreal fire show that resulted to his second-degree burns.

In a 3-hour-and-15-minute video which was aired on YouTube on August 6, it could be seen Shin Tae II strip off his upper shirt with white shorts left and pour fluid all over his private parts.

Others were impressed to Shin who fulfill his deal for his viewers who suggested a penalty after losing in a video game 'Fall Guys', according to Allkpop website. 

The deal was to burn his private parts for five seconds if he couldn't make it to the first place of a particular round of the game.

He was first seen pouring a small amount of liquid and set fire on it, causing him to scream and jump in pain. Unfortunately, he failed to reach the five seconds deal. 

Shin did it again for his second attempt, pouring more lighter fluid in front of his outer shorts and lighted it up - still he fell short but it ended a disaster. He screamed in pain for the second time as huge fire flare-up on his private, where he can be seen running off the camera. He stayed on the floor for a while as he was recovering from pain.

Shin eventually informed his fans through social media that he has since gone to the hospital for treatment - revealing he suffered from second-degree burns, according to the report.

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