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3-year-old girl swept high into the air while holding at kite's tail during Taiwan's festival

A horrifying footage captured during Taiwan festival on Sunday when a 3-year-old girl was appeared to be entangled by the tail of giant kite and sent fly high into the air for 30-seconds before it safely landed.


The incident happened during the kick-off event of the 2020 International Kite Festival held in the city of Hsinchu, south of Taipei.

Footage from the scene could be seen older people preparing for a giant kite's tail before lift off while strong winds could be felt in the area. Unaware to the child around before it launched the giant kite, quickly after release, the girl can be seen flying up in the air while people could be heard screaming.

The giant kite was supposed to drop candy from the sky as children gathered around, they called it "Joy Falls From Heaven". The orange fabric was filled with candy, and once it was into the air, it will rain down candies for children.

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