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CEO who took $1 million pay cut from his salary so he can pay his employees $70,000 each, claimed business has tripled and staff get better life

 Looking at for the best boss is rare but there are some few who's willing to sacrifice for their employees.

Dan Price, who runs Gravity Payments based in Seattle has signed up for a $1 million pay cut from his salary so that he could pay his employees $70,000 each for minimum salary.

He made a big decision back in April 2015 and looking back now, it has proven that he was blessed three-folds and said his employees are now experiencing better quality life. 

"When I started a $70k minimum wage for my company in 2015, Rush Limbaugh said: "I hope this company is a case study in MBA programs on how socialism does not work, because it's gonna fail," he said.

" Since then our company tripled & we're a successful case study at Harvard Business School," he added.

The company now has double the national average. 

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