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Young Koreans draw flak for disrespecting Philippine flag goes viral

While other Koreans had reaching out to Filipinos and send their heartfelt apology over a TikTok incident that ignite racism debate on Twitter, these footage of young Koreans tearing off the Philippine flag are circulating anew. 

One video showed young Korean spitting and tear off into pieces the Philippine flag. He even stepped on it.

Another separate video from a Korean guy where he captioned, " Hi Philippines I'm Korean" also spit on the flag and tear off the Philippine into pieces.

Watch the video Here:

The video was captioned: 

“Hi Philippines , I’m Korean

Destroying Philippines Flag

Trending now #CancelRacism #notoracism

I’m hurt😢🇵🇭” 

Recently, Anger is rising among Filipinos against South Koreans following the incident involving a Filipina social media influencer Bella Poarch, who has a Rising Sun flag of Japan tattooed on her left arm.

Many Koreans took offense and retaliated in the comments section of Bella's post by calling Filipinos "short people" and "uneducated".

After the issue made headlines, many Koreans have apologized with a hashtag #SorryToFilipinos.

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