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Man travel via bike ride 1000 km from Manila to Eastern Samar, arrived after ten days

Peter Roncales, 19, has arrived safely at his hometown in Eastern Samar after he pedalled 1000 kms away from Parañaque City in Manila.

His journey has since earned social media attention with netizens impressed with his determination to return home. Roncales decided to take the risky journey after losing his job due to the current health pandemic restriction.

Since he don't have enough money to pay for his fare to Samar, he decided to leave Manila using his bike.

Facebook user Christian Evardone shared a now viral photos, revealing that Roncales took 10 days of biking to get home. The photos showed Roncales resting on a roadside near his bike with worn-out tires at the border control checkpoint.

He is a native of Oras, Eastern Samar, 38 kms. away from where he made a stop at a border checkpoint.

Finally, he was fetched by Oras local government vehicle from a checkpoint to the quarantine facility. 

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