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Watch: Ivana Alawi makes her brother Hash cry

 Ivana Alawi made her brother Hash cry after she surprised him with a land she bought as a gift located near the subdivision where she going to build their home.

On her latest vlog, the 23-year-old actress-vlogger revealed that she decided to buy her brother a land to build a house since he don't like fancy things - revealing the land is for her brother's future family.

Before the big surprise, she asked her brother to drive her together with her mom to the location where their future home will rise soon.

She even give her followers a glimpse of their modern three storey home design. As the video continue, Ivana asked her brother to bring them at a nearby location within the vicinity where she brought the land title with her.

Known for her being a prankster, Hash thought that Ivana was just making a jest for her vlog.

“Are you pranking me?” Hash asked.

Later he realised that her sister was serious, he then started to get emotional as he cried and started to absorb the wonderful moment.

“This is too much Mariam. Sobra naman ito Mariam,” emotional Hash told Ivana. “I can’t believe it.” 

“You said you don’t want stuff so we decided to get you land,” Ivana explained.

Ivana also promised if she has the budget, she will also build a house in the future for her brother and youngest sister, Mona.

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