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Louis Vuitton launches worth PHP 46,000 face shield

Forget about gold face mask and turn your heads to the next level face shields which are all set to be released by fashion brand Louis Vuitton. 

The brand is set to release a light-sensitive face shields on October 30 in select Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, according to reports.

The face shield is laced of course of the brand's signature 'LV' trim along the edges of the plastic along to the headband. The New York Post reported that the luxury personal protective equipment would cost nearly $1000 (approximately Php46K).

The face shield was described to be equipped with transition lens technology to protect the wearer from the sun. The brand also said that the product would be “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

Meanwhile,  if we talk about lavish personal protective equipment ever created by humans during pandemic, this gold face mask from India stand out. A businessman customized a face mask  entirely out of gold that would cost around P200,000 (approximately $4000).

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