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Chinese company is giving away 4,116 brand new cars for employees as bonus after surpassing profit target

 A Chinese steel company Jiangxi West Dajiu Iron & Steel Corp. recently made headlines for giving away 4,116 brand new cars for its employees as bonus, after it surpassed profit targets for the fifth consecutive year.

On October 1, the company organized an event to celebrate its success and reward employees for its yearly growth contribution. 

According to Sohu, a Chinese news outlet, the value of these cars is about 500 million yuan or $74 million. It includes 2,933 Jiangling Ford Territory and 1,183 FAW-Volkswagen Magotan

Jianxi company announced that it would pay for the production of these vehicles’ license plates, five-year auto insurance, and vehicle taxes. Footage shows a few hundreds of cars displayed in empty space which quickly went viral on Chinese social media.

Other commented that Jianxy company have given people checks so they could chose to buy cars they like.

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