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Woman brings 23 relatives on blind date to test the man's generosity but leave them pay around $3000

 A blind date gone wrong after a woman in Zhejiang China pay all the bills left by the man which she expected to pay for their meal, according to reports. 

According to mothership report, the 29-year-old man who was identified as Chen agreed to pay for the bill. But when they met on the venue of their dinner, he found the girl with 23 companion including her family members. 

It looks like that it was a family party, they took four tables which occupied two dining rooms in the restaurant that cost them all around nearly 3000USD.

Chen was shocked after learning the bill, started switch off his phone and sneaked out the restaurant, leaving the woman pay their meal.

Later, the two met again through their match maker to settle the issue - Chen agreed to pay for the two tables in his room which cost him around US$655 and the rest will be payed by the woman.   

The woman also asked her family to give their share for the bill as well.

Here's the translation in English:

"Hi everyone, thank you for your support during my last blind date. The guy and I agreed before the date that he would pay for the meal.

"Someone created trouble during the meal by claiming that the guy is rich, so they should eat more and test his generosity. It made the whole situation unbearable.

"I am the biggest victim in this situation.

"Because the amount spent far exceeds what I am able to pay.

"My reputation has also been damaged.

"I don't care who ordered cigarettes and alcohol. I hope the bill can be split equally among us all."

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