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Disney's newest holiday ad breaks the internet with some of the Filipino Christmas feels

 Christmas is fast approaching, and Disney has just released an early tear-jerking holiday advert which featured some of the Filipino family Christmas traditions that send us to tears.

The ad, which can be seen a Mickey Mouse toy gifted to a young girl named Lola by her father is part of Disney EMEA's "From Our Family To Yours" campaign. The heart-warming clip was quick to recognize by Filipino folks that inspired by the themes of traditions, family togetherness and nostalgia - featuring a grandmother (Lola) and her granddaughter.

With each passing year, Mickey comes to symbolize Lola’s childhood and a present day connection to her granddaughter, ultimately inspiring a festive surprise on Christmas morning.

The video is an original track called "Love Is A Compass" by 19-year-old British musician Griff.

Filipinos felt special on the storyline, sending the message of gratitude for Disney's early holiday cheer.

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