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66-year-old Filipina nurse beats COVID-19 after 8-month battle

 Merlin Pambuan, 66, a Filipino veteran ICU nurse at the Long Beach, California hospital has recovered after 8-month battle against COVID-19.

Pambuan, whose job is to care for the most critically ill patients in the intensive care unit of St. Mary Medical Center in California was admitted after she got infected with COVID-19 in May, Reuters reports.

From being a nurse to a patient, she was unconsciously fed through a tube and placed on ventilator to breathe. Her condition became worst as time goes by, she came close to death - her doctor said. It came to a point in which doctors and her family have discussed an option to end her life. 

In early September, she gained consciousness and breath on her won again but was too weak to stand. She managed to regain strength after weeks of painful therapy and was able to celebrate her 66th birthday in St. Mary's acute rehabilitation ward in late October.

"This is my second life," Pambuan said, as she prepared to leave her hospital room, accompanied by her husband, Daniel, 63, and their daughter, Shantell, 33, who stayed by her mother’s bedside as she was recovering from the disease

Finally, she was discharge on Monday and was greeted with applause from colleagues as she walked through the hospital lobby.

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