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Viral boy who was left abandoned by his parents gets an incredible transformation

 This heartbreaking photos of a boy  who was left abandoned by his parents on the streets in Nigeria is now gaining social media attention for his incredible transformation after he was rescued in January 2016. 

Source: Anja Anja Ringgren Loven

Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish social worker living in Nigeria rescued a starving toddler from imminent death because people accused him of being a 'witch'. The boy was living on the streets for eight months and surviving on the leftover.

Disturbing photo show how a starving two-year-old Nigerian boy was rescued after being discovered naked and wandering the streets because his family thought he was a witch.

Anja and her husband, David Emmanuel, run an orphanage who take care the abandoned children in south-east Nigeria. After learning about the boy, her team rushed to the village to rescue the boy - she gave him food, water and first aid. She named the boy Hope.

Source: Anja Anja Ringgren Loven

The boy was sent to the orphanage which run by Anja.

"Hope was in a terrible condition when we rescued him.

"He was seriously malnourished and had multiple diseases.

"The first two weeks he was hospitalised he was in a critical condition," Anja said.

After several years have past, Hope's survived - was taken care of and given proper education by the organization.

Source: Anja Anja Ringgren Loven

"Belief in magic was almost universal in the past. Almost all cultures believed that you could use supernatural means to help with hunting or to make one’s crops grow better or to make humans or animals more fertile. Magic could also be used to heal the sick. For the great majority of people who lived before the 18th century, magic was an ordinary part of everyday life," said Anja.

Hope is one of the 76 children in the orphanage who have been rescued by the charity.

Hope is one of the many victims of culture believing in superstitions, often stem from death or illness in the family, crop failures, infertility and many others - branded them as witches.

The story of Hope is a testimony to the believed that darkness can always be dispelled by light, and evil can always be destroyed by love.

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