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Art District: For the love of food and art, take a trip to this place in Bacolod

 While food trails are immensely popular, this place at the Art District in Bacolod will let you experience a walking tours of  authentic local art scenes.

The Art District, located at the back of Lopues Mandalagan, Lacson Street is a home to various arts, shops, bars, restaurants, galleries and more. 

The site also creates a safe haven for younger artists so curious folks can get to uncover the lively experience of pop art and wear the art with the different merchandise and tattoo shops available at Onse Coffee + Art and Storm Tattoo, respectively. 

Those looking for a laid-back ambience can also immerse themselves in performances from local musicians and performers at The Plaza and hang out at the various restaurants and cafes that are located in the area.

The newest additions to this enclave of artist-run spaces under Art District are The Viewing Room, a 25-30 seat mini theater, and the Artist-In-Residence at Art District, a two-story structure for artists who want to immerse in what the Bacolod artist culture and community is.

Aside from the food, the best way to enjoy The Art District is to stroll around and don't forget your mobile camera set ready for some of the Instagrammable spots that will give you a great aesthetic pleasure. 

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