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This 2D Cafe in Bacolod will make you feel like entering into a comic book!

 This 2D pop-up art spot in Bacolod has quickly caught everyone's attention. Double Dose is definitely an insta-worthy cafe located at the Shophouse heritage, Narra Street, Bacolod City.

If you think that 2D art have no longer have a place in this modern world, you might be wrong!

This remarkable newly-opened cafe is like a comic book that has come alive. If you want to experience how it feels stepping into a cartoon world, you really need to check this extraordinary cafe.

Tables, chairs, walls, appliances were all white with edges overlaid with black lines resembles to a sketch lines. The monochrome ambience will surely give you the impression of being sucked into a black-and-white cartoon.


When it comes to food and drinks, the colors seem to really pop. The cafe offers a wide range of menu - you can choose between breakfast, waffles, appetizers, pasta, and sandwiches. Hence, visitors are welcome not only to admire the unusual interior design but also taste some delicious new flavors.

The interior indeed projects a two-dimensional world that is entirely different from our reality. You can live in the moment as you wait for your order to arrive.

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