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Elon Musk lookalike from Palawan has taken the internet by storm

 The internet has found Elon Musk's doppelganger and his name is Bong Villanueva from Palawan, Philippines.

The TikTok video that was first posted by Panlasang Pinay (@thysz) has been going viral on Twitter matches the Space X founder Elon Musk's face, leaving twitterratis on the verge of believing that the world's billionaire is spending his lockdown getaway in Palawan. 

"Elon Musk nag enjoy sa El Nido," the tweet read.

A Puerto Princessa based make-up artist Bong Villanueva was quoted in a report that his viral video walking through rows of plants and encouraging his followers to swim with him was taken during his free time while working with the team for Miss Palawan.

The video has since went viral and garnered more than 3k retweets with lots of netizens were saying that he look like Musk. 

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