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#KwentongJollibee features 'LDR' that finds strength in LOVE

 With so many restrictions implemented during lock-down, kissing and cuddling look a bit different at this time. As COVID-19 cases continue to spike everyday throughout the nation, social distancing rules remain heavily enforced.

While many of us have been quarantine with our loved ones, other couple aren't as fortunate and have been temporarily separated by stay-at-home orders meant to minimize the spread of the virus.

But it's important to remember that while distance may be difficult and frustrating, it's not forever. Don't worry, Jollibee will find ways for you to stay connected with your loved ones while staying apart.

We're all trying to save money during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't find ways to show our love from a distance by sending her a delivery meal from Jollibee. Who says you can't have a romantic dinner? Synchronize a time, while it might not be the same as going to the movie theater or dine together, you can still eat and talk together with some available free video chat apps online.

The video suggest to treat it like a real date, getting dressed up and have your Jollibee favorite meal on your table. 

The "kwentong Jollibee" is directed by 2020 MMFF best director Antoinette Jadaone.

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