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Lapu-Lapu City Mayor says he will be endorsing to the city council to declare EZ Mil a persona-non-grata

 The controversial lyrics of the song "Panalo" by popular rapper Ez Mil sparked online debate during his live performance of Wish Bus USA. This included the line "Nanalo na ako nung una pa na pinugutan si Lapu sa Mactan."

It is currently gaining much internet attention with over 27 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube, January 28, 2021.

The popularity of the song has even reached to the attention of Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard "Ahong" Chan, who says he will be endorsing to the city council to declare EZ Mil as a persona-non-grata.

In an interview with Hbom Segovia, the rapper tried to explain why he choose to end the lyrics that way.

"Why I chose the term 'pinugutan si Lapu-Lapu sa Mactan', "is like...because in terms of the rhyming pattern. I always go to this dilemma or doubt in my head in closing out a song," he said, revealing that 'I am gonna close it out with absolute truth or am I gonna make people talk about it." he added.

Ez Mil has also look back on history and claimed that Lapu-Lapu was never beheaded. "That's me putting an exaggerated term in a ploy to drive traffic and talk," he revealed.

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