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Bacolod delivery rider gets pranked with fake food booking that cost him P13K, netizens to the rescue!

 This is not the first time cruel incident, but far too often that is happening mostly anywhere in the country right now to victimize the hardworking food riders. 

One of the recent victim is a rider named JM Palomo in Bacolod City who received a fake food booking that cost him over P13,000.

According to a Facebook post of Ronzy Alipato, a customer who pretended to be a doctor made order for food via phone call worth P6,000 to be delivered in a hospital. When the rider picked up the order and about to deliver, the customer instructed him to bring a change to each five doctors who will pay to him P2000 each, it means that the rider brought P800 each for the change or a total of P4,000.

While on his way to the hospital the rider received another call from the same customer instructed him to buy four (1.5L soft drinks) and buy a mobile load to five doctors which worth a thousand each. 

The rider told his costumer that he was run out of money, but the costumer insist and asked to talk to the cashier to proceed for the mobile load, assuring that a car is coming to pay for it. However, after the mobile load has successfully loaded the customer disappeared and the contact number has been out of reach.

The unknown perpetrator had succeeded for the illegal act, leaving the rider lament for the fake booking.

NEW MODUS / SCAMMER ALERT 😡😡😡 This is for everyone's awareness especially to all riders. Just happened today when one...

Posted by Ronzy Alipato on Monday, March 8, 2021

The heartbreaking post has since went viral and many netizens have extended their help for Palomo. 

On a separate Facebook post, JM Palomo expressed his gratitude to all the people who helped him and he was happy to announce that he was able to pay the money he owe. Thanked to the kind-hearted folks!

Thank you LORD ging gaan moko sang damo nga blessings sbng despite sang natabo sakon wala mko ging pabayaan kundi ging...

Posted by JM Palomo on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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