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Singapore builds pilotless supersonic combat drone

 Singapore-based Kelley Aerospace has recently unveiled the world's first supersonic pilotless combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). The supersonic vehicle called 'Arrow' can travel faster than the speed of sound, reaching up to Mach 2.1 and it can be launched autonomously.

"It pushes the boundary wit state-of-the-art swarm and autonomous aerial flight logic - making it a formidable UAV," the aviation company's official website statement read.

“UAVs are known for their persistence…loitering, [but] are never known for their speed. So, with the Arrow supersonic UAV, you will overcome the issues of speed and reach," Kelley Aerospace chief executive Ian Lim said.

The drone which approximately weighed 18.6 tons is designed for mission "in highly contested territories" as well as to act as bait for missiles, to engage enemy fighters or jam enemy communications.

The company said that they already received more than 100 pre-orders that range from $9 Million to $16 Million.

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