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Groom's mother discovers bride as her long-lost daughter through birthmark on wedding day

 A wedding in China has left many guests surprised after a mother of the groom discovered the bride to be was her long-lost daughter.

The unexpected discovery happened on the day of the actual wedding on March 31 in Suzhou, China when the groom's mom recognized a birthmark of the bride located on her hand, Times News Now reported.

To confirm her instinctive feeling, the mother of the groom approached the bride's parents and directly asked if she had been adopted over 20 years ago. Since the bride parents was baffled by the question of the supposed to be a long time secret. They decided to reveal that they had found a baby girl by the roadside several years ago whom they take care and consider her as their own daughter.

Credit: The oriental daily

Other details of the circumstances of their separation were not disclosed.

However, the bride burst into tears after hearing the story - leaving the wedding day a tearful reunion between the biological mother and daughter.  

To give more extra twist to an already extraordinary tale, the wedding could continue as it turned out the groom was also adopted. Meaning, the groom and bride are not actually siblings by blood.

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