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Lars Pacheco gets flak for sexualizing BTS'V, send public apology

 BTS ARMY are always ready to the defence of their idols as they quick to shut down on social media the YouTube vlogger Lars Pacheco over a video uploaded on Facebook which appeared to be sexualizing BTS member Taehyung a.k.a V.

In a now deleted clip of former Miss Q&A 2018 finalist of It's Showtime with a caption "Di ko na kailangan pumila sa BTS," can be seen Pacheco kissing the TV screen while V's picture is on display. She even took off the towel wrapped around her body and stood as close to the  screen.  

The video was quick to spread online and BTS fans go on the offensive calling Pacheco's action as "disgusting".

"Srsly, Lars Pacheco? Pls, you're not welcome in this fandom if u think sexualizing an idol is normal and still part of ur fangirling. Tbh, ur recent video is so disgusting. Yes, Taehyung is handsome and hot, but that isn't enough reason for u to sexualize & disrespect him," a fan said.

Later, Pacheco explained and issued apology saying the video was done for entertainment only.

"Those who were offended sincere apology. Fans, Armies sorry.

"I have no intentions to sexualize him and bastusin or manyakin siya. It's just that, akala namin it will appear funny. Nakakatawa, ganyan and nakakatuwa. Akala namin ay matutuwas kayo.

"It appears to be negative so I'll take responsibility for that. Pasensiya na po kayo kung ganun po ang kinalabasan," Pacheco said.  

BTS new single "BUTTER" has broken the record for the most viewers on YouTube with 108,200,000 views in just 24 hours.

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