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Miss Everything urges fans to stop the hate for Rabiya Mateo after she experienced to carry her version of 21-kgs national costume

While others showed disappointment for Rabiya Mateo's national costume performance in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Ericka Camata a.k.a Miss Everything proved that Rabiya deserves the love and support.  

The social media influencer has once again caught the internet attention after she experienced to carry her version of more than 21-kgs. of Rabiya Mateo's inspired national costume,  revealing the hardships to carry the heavy stuff while maintaining the smile.

Camata posted on Facebook a photo of herself with a caption that reads: "You are not a feel how harderist to carry the 21 1/4 sheet of paper kilograms of this back pack walking in the street and the functional feeling is to smile or face the fears in the teddy bear feathers with red and blue wine colors. So don't hate. Just love and support our queen to her journylism. Laban Philippines."

Rabiya's national costume received criticisms as some pageant fans expressed their dismay over her incomplete outfit, with some questioned her why she did not wear the headpiece.

Rabiya was quick to send her apology to the fans, which was also explained by former Miss Universe Philippine National Director Shamcey Supsup. According to Supsup, Rabiya was unable to wear the headpiece because it did not fit exactly to her hear.

"I brought the headpiece but unfortunately, nahuhulog so it was hard for her to wear it so we decided na kung sass siya mas komportable kasi mabigat na din yung wings niya," Supsup said.

Meanwhile Rabiya said: "I'm so sorry kung na-disappoint kayo sa akin. I know I did my best." 

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