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Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens slays the internet with Michael Cinco's creations

 Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens slays the internet with her blue and yellow gown created by Filipino designer Michael Cinco.

Cinco shared a series of photos showing Stevens clad in yellow and blue gown taken in Dubai.

"The super stunning and statuesque Miss CANADA Universe NOVA STEVENS @thenovastevens is ready to conquer the UNIVERSE in a couture Michael Cinco gown," Conco's Instagram post read.

Nova Stevens, meanwhile, posted on Instagram her photo with a yellow gown captioned: " Running towards my destiny. I’m ready for whatever the universe has in stores for me." 

According to a fashion magazine, Nova Stevens' path to her current career as a model and actress hasn't come easy. She was born in Kenya to parents, who, fleeing the civil war in South Sudan, decided to send her to Canada at the age of six with the hope of providing her a better life and more opportunities. 

She hasn't seen her parents in 22 years but lived with various other family members in Alberta and Ontario until age of 15, when she decided to move out and live her own. She started modeling at age 16 and after a brief stint in New York, she moved to Vancouver in 2014 where she began her acting career, as well as being a model.

Nova, recently took to the internet to expose netizens racist remarks that she have received which are written in Tagalog, but said that she's not sharing it to spread hate. 

She noted that "beauty is not exclusive to one specific group of people" because "beauty can be seen in different shapes, shades and sizes."

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