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Six Iloilo sisters serves together in the Philippine National Police took the internet by storm

While many of the men and women in uniform serving the country are often a fruit from family tradition or following a footsteps  of their grandparents or parents, these siblings in Pajo, Zarraga, in Iloilo City, joining the Philippine National Police is a choice.

Photo credits: Anthony Jimoga-on Photography / Facebook

On mother's day, May 9, 2021, Anthony Jinoga-on Photography shared a strange bond of  Guelos' sisters that amazed social media folks. There parents, named Crispin and Clemencia Guelos handwork and dedication paid off, as they were able to send all their nine children to school, and surprisingly all their six daughters are now serving the Philippine National Police while the three sons are also professionals in the other field. 

The couple have to juggle several jobs to make sure that they can give the needs of their children to achieve their dreams.

Photo credits: Anthony Jimoga-on Photography / Facebook

Crispin has a leukemia, but he never gets tired to work as a farmer, construction worker, labor and a vendor - that's how the Guelo's couple work for their kids.

Their six daughters who are now serving the Philippine National Police are: PEMS Maria Cherry G. Demarana, PEMS Ma. Irene G. Habuyo, PSMS Sharon G. Dalit, PSSG Nerissa G. Federizo, Patrol Woman Era Dawn G. Buot and PCpl Merry Cris G. Asturias.

Recently, the siblings gave their parents an inspiring Mother's day treat in a complete daughter's family photoshoot.

Photo credits: Anthony Jimoga-on Photography / Facebook

"Despite living in poverty, their parents worked hard as laborers (as construction workers, farmers, vendors, etc.) to send their children to school.

"To succeed: work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession in learning the value of hard work by working hard.

"Tatay, Nanay, THANK YOU," the post read.

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