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Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, and more celebrities shared sweet Father's Day Instagram posts

 More celebrities are taking a break from their usual routine to celebrate Father's Day due to the COVID restrictions. But some like Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Liza Soberano and more, took to Instagram to pay tribute to special father's in their lives.

While many other social media junkies have shouted out their own fathers, these celebrities wrote sweet messages to their forever best dads.

Anne Curtis kicked off her Family's celebration by sharing some of the reasons that make husband Erwan Huessaff a great dad.

"Being a father has chipped that solid wall of yours & has allowed smiles & emotions to flow so freely - but of course that trademark gwapo frown will always remain. You are our world, Papa. Happy Father’s Day @erwan"

She also posted a photo of her dad with baby Dahlia who finally met after a year. 

"A year and a bit in the making but it finally happened. There’s a little bit of shyness but we’re getting there. This moment truly made my heart soooooo happy," she wrote. 

Marian Rivera honored Dingdong Dantes whom she described "the man who never ceases to amaze (her) day by day." 


Liza Soberano shared a photo together with her two dads. 

"Growing up with two dads has molded me in to the person I am today and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I miss you daddy Jeff and I’ll see you later daddy after work," she said.

Sunshine Cruz thanked partner Macky Mathay for being the best father figure to her girls. 


"Separated year 2013 and had my 2nd chance in love year 2016. I had no plans of being in a relationship because I was too focused on work and giving my children a comfortable life. You slid into my DMs and the rest is history."

"No regrets because you are one of the best decisions I had in my life. Thank you for accepting me and loving me for who I really am. Hindi ko alam na pwede palang hindi pinaaalala ang mga kamalian na nagawa ng isang tao sa past. You accepted me for my past (mistakes/decisions) and my present."

Sharon Cuneta: "Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad I know! I love you, my playmate, Sutart, Dadeh, neighbor, best friend, partner, etc., etc., etc.! I love you very much and miss you!!!"

Janella Salvador: "October 29, 2020: About a week after Jude was born, you had to fly back home to the Philippines alone and leave us for a month to shoot for a film. We brought you to the airport and as soon as we arrived, I saw the extreme sadness in your eyes. I actually cried during the car ride home without you. It felt surreal, you having to leave your son right after he was born. But you did it for him. You always do." 

"Thank you for being the most amazing, hard-working, present and hands-on father to Jude. I couldn’t be more thankful that i’m going through this crazy parenthood chapter of life with you. Happy Father’s Day, booba-boo."


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