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7-year-old boy sells his paintings to raise funds for sick classmate

 While most seven-year-old boys begin to explore more on toys at this age, Derek Sanson from Bacolod City is creating more artworks to raise funds for his classmate who has a brain tumor. 

Derek, a Grade 2 pupil at the University of Saint Lassale - Bacolod learnt about his classmate Casean Tambasen's condition said: "when I was young, I was sick too. Jesus healed me so I want to help him too," he told GMA News.

He was one year-old then when he was diagnosed with intussusception, where the "big intestine went over the small intestine. It's a miracle that it disappeared," his mother said.

Currently, Derek has completed thousands of cover designs for notebooks with prints of his artwork, which he sells for P100 each.

Many kids at this age are not even aware of the things happening around them. But this angelic soul tries to help others by selling her paintings and donating the money to help other kids. In fact, some of his works will be given to kids affected by the Marawi siege. 

Her mother, Gianne, helps her in selling the painted notebooks.

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