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Cars queue outside Cebu hospitals for oxygen goes viral

 Photos captured a disturbing sight now occurring outside major Cebu hospitals - long line of cars filled with patients unable to access wards amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

The demand for oxygen has increased and oxygen tanks are also running out fast. Photos taken outside Cebu's Chong Hua Hospital show a line of cars with oxygen tube attached to the window.

Local news outlet on Friday, July 30 confirmed that there were 31 patients outside the hospital awaiting admission. 

Dr. Peter Mancao, deputy chief of the city's vaccine task force told in a press briefing that "three major hospitals: Chong Hua Hospital, Perpetual Succour Hospital, and Cebu Doctor's were not taking calls anymore.

Emergency rooms are filling up and rent of oxygen tank have also been difficult.

Photo credits: Facebook / Cebu Knows

Photo credits: Facebook / Cebu Knows

Oxygen tank that weigh 50 pounds and containing 40 liters, cost around 8,950 while the smallest is P3,500.

In a separate interview, Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak admitted that "our hospitals are full" capacity.

People were seen buying oxygen in a store in Cebu. Photo credits Facebook / Freeman

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