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Kiko Estrada denies 'cheating' allegations with Devon Seron, 'I am not a cheater'

 Kiko Estrada opens up about his breakup with Devon Seron during an interview with Ogie Diaz, denied allegations that he is a cheater.

The Kapamilya actor stressed that no overlapping happened when his current partner Heaven Peralejo came into his life.

"Me and Devon broke up on Valentine's Day 2021 and then me and Heaven became together, May 30.

He then denied allegations that they were already dating when they first linked in March.

"We were still not together at this point. We were just talking, trying to get to know each other, referring to Peralejo" he told Ogie.

"We were formed through the adversity, through the hardship, through the issue we became closer. So i would never expect na magiging kami in any way, or whatsoever," he added.

He did not disagree with observations that he managed to move on so "fast", referring to the sentiment as shown by Seron's non-showbiz sister posted online.

"I guess if you want to blame something on me, it's that I moved on fast...Maybe that's my fault, but there was no overlapping."

When asked what hurt him the most, Estrada said being labeled a "cheater" and "third party".

"I'm not a cheater. Heaven is a third party, but she's not a third party. There's nother like that that happened."

Although Kiko admitted that it was "not a good breakup" between him and Seron, claimed they both remain "civil" toward each other.

Kiko said that he decided to speak up and clarify things because "seeing the person you love hurt by lies, or fabricated truth, it makes a man to stand up to tell the truth, to tell what really happened."


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