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Teen gets reward for saving a dog in Biñan

 A grade 10 student identified as Angelo Diolata Flores is a hero to a dog struggling in the river. In a video uploaded to social media by Margole Miko Ilagan, it can be seen Flores rushed to save the dog from drowning. 

He patiently haul the dog up back to a safe place. His bravery to rescue the dog was recognized by Animal Kingdom Foundation in rescuing a dog which was accidentally fell into the river during the onslaught of Typhoon Fabian.

He was rewarded with education scholarship, grocery items and a mobile phone.

"Truly, good karma comes to those who are kind to animals. Thank you, Angelo. You are an inspiration to everyone!," the animal Foundation said.

"We are very happy to have been an instrument to helping Angelo, he got a BRAND NEW PHONE (he mentioned to us that his phone is already broken), an EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP and a big bulk of GROCERY ITEMS," it added.

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