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Tom Daley went viral as he knits while watching Olympic springboard final

 Not all women knows how to knit but Tom Daley, an Olympic gold medallist and an LGBTQ icon went viral on social media as he was pictured knitting on the bench while watching the women's 3m springboard diving final at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre on Sunday. 

The 27-year-old Britain's most loved athletes was seen knitting a pouch for his gold medal, where he won the men's synchronized 10m platform last week.

"Learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics and we won GOLD yesterday 🥇 I made a little medal case too!" Daley said in a separate Instagram post where he shared his impressive knitting designs.

The Olympics official Twitter account also shared several pictures showing the athlete knitting. 

Tom Daley is not only a talented diver but also a professional knitter and crocheter. 

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