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Turkish Airlines cabin crew delivers baby girl mid-flight amid evacuation effort continue in Afghanistan

 The newborn and mother were in good health but need medical care to kept under observation.

Photo credits: Daily Mail / Facebook

Turkish Airlines welcomed an unexpected Afghan mother in the middle of a flight amid evacuation effort to the UK. 

There was no doctor onboard so the cabin crew on the airplane sprang into action yesterday when Soman Noori, a woman who previously left Kabul went into labour from Dubai to Birmingham. The crew was able to successfully deliver the baby girl , who was named Havva, which translate to Eve in English.

Photo credits: Daily Mail / Facebook

Photo credits: Daily Mail / Facebook

Havva is the third child of Noori, 26, and her 30-year-old husband, Taj Moh. 

As precautionary measure, the plane landed in Kuwait to let Havva and her mother check their condition.

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