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Violent passenger onboard an airplane forced to tape on his seat by airline agents

 A man on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami apparently wrapped around with tape into his seat for the rest of the trip.

The photos of the 22-year-old Ohio man which surfaced on social media is said to have allegedly groped the breasts of two flight attendant  and punched a crew, prompting to tie him with a duct tape on his seat.

Maxwell Berry was arrested after landing Sunday morning. Frontier Airlines initially suspended a flight crew for failing to follow "proper policies" by taping an unfriendly passenger to their seat. However, according to the flight attendants union they believed that the actions made by the crew was entirely reasonable.

A passenger on board said, "he started to get aggressive and basically attack the male flight attendant."

Berry had several drinks while on the flight, the report added.

The video from behind shot also shows Berry swinging at flight attendant and a member of the crew wrapping duct tape around his body and head.

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